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Get Glutes (2.0)

Grow Your Glutes No Matter Where You Train Or How Much Time You Have

8-Week Glute Specialization Plan for Real Women Who Have Real Lives  

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Your Bottom Is My Top Priority

Before and After glute transformation photo following a year of hip thrusts (Marianne Kane of Get Glutes))

Join me, original Get Glutes Co-Founder and Coach, Marianne Kane, for Get Glutes 2.0.  Since that "after shot", I have refined and simplified my whole-person, scalable and flexible coaching approach, to help you know exactly what workouts to do, how often, for how long, and how to modify them to your life. Once you get glutes, you can keep 'em, even when life (or pandemics) happen. 

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~ Coach Marianne

Is This Full Body or Glute-Only? 

Right now this is a full body plan with a GLUTE-bias, but in March 2021  I'm releasing "Booty-Boosters Club: Glute-focused Workout", which can be done alone or added to any plan. Add your name below, to stay in the loop for that.