The Only Glute-Focused Program for Real Women Who Have Real Lives

Add Inches (in a good way) in JUST 8-Weeks... You'll Succeed Because It's REALISTIC 

I'm assuming you either love glute training or you want to love it. Or maybe you're looking for a program you'll enjoy; one you'll complete and won't just sit in your downloads folder or inbox (I'm guilty too >.< )

Get Glutes (2.0) takes you through an 8-week program that get results whether you train with a barbell or with body weight (and everything in between). 

And most importantly, it's designed to take into account the realities of life. Got kids? Working from home? Wondering if you'll ever love training like you want to... or used to? 

Long-term Thinking for Long-term Results

This is about being real and setting realistic expectations of yourself within *your* life. And I am here to encourage you and remind you to give yourself grace. 

It doesn't matter one shred about anyone else. What matters is how can *you* make the most of what you've got NOW? How can *you* value your efforts, even if you feel you should've done more?

The reality is, some weeks we can do more and others we do less. And some years we end up on a roll, and others? Well, we haven't forgotten 2020 yet, have we? Some years - pandemic or not - can send our routines through a loop.

As a female coach - with a body that doesn't look photo-faked - I have learned to seek the big picture. One workout, one exercise, one week, or even one year is all but a blip in the decades behind you or ahead of you.

Therefore, I've designed a program that prioritizes sustainability. It comes with workouts that are scalable and flexible, with sprinkles of grace for those times when things just won't go to plan.

This Program Is For You If....

  • You struggle with feeling like you're doing enough to get results
  • You're unsure about what realistic results or timeframe look like
  • You enjoy/need simplicity without the annoying fluff-exercises 
  • You want workouts that don't have a million unnecessary sets
  • You want something with the CHOICE to do heavy days OR lighter days (or home/gym)

Why I Wish Women Would Stop Looking For The Perfect Program

As a 40-something, work-from-home mother of a Kindergartener and toddler, I get how hard it is to get time for yourself. To take something you deserve - time for your health, fitness, and well-being - and actually believe it was enough (because we tend to "yeah but" ourselves a tad, right?).

Photo of Marianne Kane with her toddler, Eviana

I used to have it so easy. No responsibilities other than taking care of No. 1. Went to work, went to the gym, slept well, ate healthy... I used to wonder how anyone struggles to get lean and look and feel amazing (cringe). 

These were my results "back in the day" of GG 1.0.

Before and After glute transformation photo following a year of hip thrusts (Marianne Kane of Get Glutes))


Life happened. And now I'm 40lbs heavier, half the strength, and wondering how I could've failed so hard. Was I lazy? Past my prime? Why couldn't I just pop back into shape 6 months post partum? How do other women do it all? 

But I realized that many other women were in the same boat as me and everyone was approaching it in the most stressful way possible. BY SEEKING "THE BEST", instead of "best for you". 

Actually, I'll take it one step further. You need to look for the most FLEXIBLE option, one with built-in contingencies, because life will still happen. 

But another problem is the perception that anything less than the best will be pointless and yield no results. It's zero-sum, all-or-nothing. 

Yet it's not. And this is what I learned during my first come-back post first baby: I had to adopt the mindset that "what I WOULD do consistently" was what I should do. 

That's why I made this program with options. I want women to know they have a plan B that's still great. So even if you don't tick all the boxes, maybe you find out what you don't need to in order to see amazing results.

What Members Are Saying

What You Get

You get 3 full-body (with glute bias) strength workouts with basically 3 versions of each workout:

=> one for "less load" <=

=> one for "more load" <=

=> one that allows you to train along with me, interval style <=

In addition to the main workouts, you get 2 add-on glute blast workouts per phase.

You repeat Phase 1 workouts for 4 weeks and then change things up in Phase 2 with brand new workouts (same idea). I've even designed 5 workout calendars/planners to help you decide on a workout frequency that'll suit your life right now. 

In summary, when you join now, you'll get:

  • Lifetime access to the 8-Week Program (Phase 1 & 2)
  • 6 full body strength workouts (3 each phase)
  • 4 add-on glute blast workouts (2 each phase)
  • Instructions for "less load" and "more load"
  • Follow-along videos
  • Quick start videos
  • Detailed exercise tutorials
  • Printable training logs
  • Printable workout calendars & planners
  • Training resources
  • Access to Marianne's private coaching group on Facebook
  • FREE form checks in the community

This payment will get you lifetime access via portal to the 8-week program (marked Phase 1 and Phase 2) and supportive resources. Any additional Phases or Workouts added would require further payment. 

Refund policy: 14 day returns policy for any reason. Just reach out to before 11:59pm EST before the 14 day period is up and we'll honor the refund.

About Marianne

Hi, I'm Marianne Kane. I'm a cardiac nurse turned personal trainer since 2010. In that time, not only have I co-founded Girls Gone Strong, but I co-founded the original Get Glutes with the Glute Guy himself. Yep, myself, Bret Contreras, and Kellie Davis shaped the butts of hundreds of men and women. And I'm here to do it again!